SBA Video’s & Guidance Documents

SBA Video’s and Guidance Documents are designed to be informative and aid hospital professionals and manufacturers to understand necessary labelling and good practice handling techniques. The range of subjects includes:

  • Definition of Sterile Barrier Systems symbols
  • Aseptic Opening and Presentation techniques
  • Sterilisation Processes
  • SBS packaging types
  • How Sterile Barriers work

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The Sterile Barrier Association (SBA) is the European trade association for companies who produce Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) and associated equipment and accessories for the healthcare industry. SBS materials and equipment are sophisticated and allow single use and reusable medical devices to be sterilised after manufacture or after use.  Sterilisation may take place at a medical device manufacturer or in the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) of a hospital. In both cases the critical function of the SBS is to maintain product sterility up to the point of use.

Our mission: To be the recognised expert association in the healthcare industry, promoting the use of and providing education on the most suitable single use sterile barrier systems to ensure patient safety.

The Association represents its members in promoting this very important sector of the healthcare industry, creating a positive environment to drive innovation in the technology associated with the production of sterile barrier systems and in setting the highest standards in product and manufacturing excellence.

SBA members account for over 75% of the European sterile barrier industry and SBA members’  products are sold all over the world. You can see the current list of member companies here. Representatives of the companies meet twice a year to get updates on the ever-changing regulations surrounding both medical devices and the components of SBS. These meetings take place all around Europe and members are updated on the situation in each of the countries they visit by local medical market experts.

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